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A Few Tips: Before posting in this thread please use the “Search Tab” feature and if it’s not available here at SKIDROWRELOADED then proceed to ask, if you need help or just starting out, it’s OK to post anyway.
► Request Any Games u Want
► No Links To any Other Sites.
► And do say thankyou.
► Request in “Comment Tab

If you got any Game request post it here. And users will help.
Don’t request two or more Games at the same time please.
So basically each members is allowed the request one Game at the time and can only request another Game when his/her previous request is fulfilled
Before you request be sure you can’t find the Games here on SKIDROWRELOADED



  1. Skidrow (10 Jun 2018, 5:49)

    Hi Guys Sry To Remove All Ur Comments Again (Request)
    Because This Post has reached Max Of Comments (+1500 Comments lol)

    U Can Request Now

    Go Go 😀

    Pls Before you request be sure you can’t find the Games here on SKIDROWRELOADED

    Because There is Lot of Request Games Already release On Our Website

  2. ImperiousRex (16 Dec 2018, 4:15)


    Mutant Year Zero Road To Eden

    It was released Dec 4

    Please upload and crack this title

    Thank you!

  3. thomaswmc (16 Dec 2018, 4:41)

    I wanted to download heroes might and magic vii, unfortunately it was removed. Pls reupload. TQ

  4. Divyarth (16 Dec 2018, 4:42)

    please upload RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 in pc

  5. Gary (16 Dec 2018, 6:16)

    Please Upload Gujian3 please thank you

  6. Gods69 (16 Dec 2018, 6:45)

    “Flashback” on GOG . Please. Thank You.

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